SEM Account Structure

Hey there, my name is Russell Miller, and I’m the founder of Zavient.

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Today, I want to give you my number one, most important tip on how to win at Google Ads:

Zavient Account Structure

The basic idea is to be exhaustive in how you structure your account, making sure that you have campaigns that cover every product, use case, and industry you sell to.

Why is this so important?

The easiest way to grow your sales is to use all the demand that’s already there.

And the easiest way to do that is to be thorough about getting every last bit of demand. Also, the more detailed you are about matching your product to every particular demand, the more likely you are to be advertising somewhere that your target is not. And the more Google will increase your ad quality score, which will lower your costs, because your ad will be more relevant for what people are searching for.

What does Zavient Account Structure typically look like? A typical account might looks something like this:


Product Category A
Product Category A – Industry 1
Product Category A – Industry 2
Product Category B
Product Category B – Industry 1
Product Category B – Industry 2
Product A – Integration 1
Product A – Integration 2
Company vs Competitor 1
Company vs Competitor 2

Here’s an example to make it more practical:

Tomco is a SaaS that sells a subscription billing service, and an invoicing service. They market to other SaaS companies, as well as app developers. Tomco integrates with Salesforce and Zoho, and its competitors are Recurly and Zuora. So a sample Zavient structure for Tomco might be:

Tomco Campaigns:

Subscription Billing Service
Subscription Billing Service for SaaS
Subscription Billing Service for Apps
Invoicing Service
Invoicing Service for SaaS
Invoicing Service for Apps
Subscription Billing & Salesforce
Subscription Billing & Zoho
Tomco vs Recurly
Tomco vs Zuora

This is just a small sample. For many SaaS and Marketplace businesses, there can be literally hundreds of different product, service, use cases, or city campaigns. Many advanced tech companies have SEM accounts with literally hundreds of campaigns, and thousands of keywords. These can take months to build out, but the advantages in terms of scale and better ROI are there. Our agency specializes in this kind of “long tail” campaign buildout.

If you’re looking to have someone “Do it for you”, that’s our speciality.

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