SEM & PPC Agency in San Francisco

Get more sales and leads with a data-driven SEM agency, founded by an MIT Math Grad

Gain an advantage over your competitors with paid search marketing campaigns. Your biggest competitors are running search ads. We can help you take their traffic and grow your sales.

We’ve managed Google Ads for over 10 years, and have done work for companies like Texas Instruments, BuildZoom, MassDrop, YourMechanic, RepairPal and others. We use custom built software and data science to analyze your campaigns to get you the best results. See some sample results from our case studies.

  Our SEM Performance Strategy

We use custom built software that analyzes all of your campaigns, that moves budget to your highest performers, getting you more sales for less spend. We also have custom software that analyzes your keywords to add new negatives and pause low performing keywrods.

We do deep research on your services to make “long tail” campaigns that reach thousands of new customers for every product, solution, and use case you offer. While most Pay-Per-Click agencies are able to build out a few basic campaigns, we see a massive uptick in the amount of “long tail” searches that most agencies don’t go after. These are complex searches customers enter when they’re ready to buy. It’s the difference between “payment software” and “recurring payments software for SMB”.

Zavient builds out these long-tail campaigns to get you more customers at lower costs. We customize each of your ads to the specific product the customer is looking for, which causes Google to view the ads as more relevant, and lower your costs. So you get more leads at lower cost per lead. Customers leverage Zavient to grow their total number of leads and lower their lead costs from our more systematic, analytical approach.

Our standard monthly SEM services

  • Product Marketing strategy for new product launches
  • Custom reporting dashboards based on your business’ key metrics
  • Landing Page strategy.  Help with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy to make your landing pages convert better.
  • Campaign buildout – Keywords, copy and landing pages
  • Daily Automation to adjust each keyword’s bidding to your specified ROAS or Cost per Lead target
  • Google Analytics, Search Console, and Tag Manager setup for conversion tracking.
  • Bi-weekly or monthly update and planning calls
  • Review of competitor landscape to find their best performing keywords and ads

How Zavient goes beyond the standard agency:

  • Full Service – We provide strategy, creative and daily management, fully managing your SEM campaigns
  • Proven Results:
  • We help growing business increase their revenue from ads and organic content by 10-30%, without increasing budget within the first three months of working with us. A few of our success stories:
    • Helped an ecommerce company scale revenue from $16m to $30m over 2 years.
    • Helped a service marketplace make $121k in new revenue in a month, 68% increase over the previous year.
    • Helped an ecommerce furniture store make $150k of new revenue in a month, a 41% increase over the previous year.
  • Analytical background – Founded by an MIT math grad, our team makes extensive use of data, A/B testing, and custom software to get you the best results. Our team includes software product mangers and machine learning experts.
  • Product Research – We research your product, your company and your competitors, to understand how to best position your products.
  • Custom Software and Dashboards – We can build custom software that allows your ads to change based on your inventory, pricing, outside events, or changes to budgets for different categories and regions.
  • Full Service – We provide SEM, as well as analytics SEO, content, data science, and custom programming. We are one stop shopping for your performance marketing needs.

How we work:

Google is the dominant platform for search on the web. We focus on understanding your company’s products, and your target buyer, and working outward from that to find out what search terms they would use to find your products. The advantage of Google and other platforms is that we can be very specific about the user intent we are targeting

SEM Advertising Platforms we use include:

  • Google Ads
  • Linkedin
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

While ad programs can be highly effective in creating sales and leads, they can drain your budget if they’re not set up properly and maintained by an expert agency. Zavient monitors your campaigns daily to ensure you are making the most revenue for your ad budget.