What are some of the best marketing strategies for SaaS?

What are some of the best marketing strategies for SaaS?  There isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all, but for a high-pricepoint SaaS, here are two tried and true strategies: Webinars, and a Free Diagnostic Report / Calculator. Here are a few best practices for each:

  • Webinars
    • Should be promoted with specific benefits: “Learn how to save 10 or more hours a month when processing your accounts payable”
    • Should have both a general educational element, as well as a soft sell for your product, and should include a product demo
    • Can be pre-recorded or live. Pre-recorded is more scalable, but live allows you to take questions from your audience
    • Require registration for the webinar via a landing page, which adds a lead into your email prospecting campaign.
  • Free Diagnostic Report or Calculator
    • People naturally want to know how they are performing relative to the competition. Make this easy for them in the form of a simple report that will automatically diagnose their site by letting them put in their domain, or answer a few questions about their service category (“How much do you pay for each payment processed? How many do you process in a month?” etc.)
    • Once they submit a form, your service should email them with a link to a PDF of the report
    • You can now add their email to your email prospecting campaign
    • This report should provide diagnostics, explanations of what terms mean, and be a soft-sell for your service
    • This report is then easy for them to share with their boss or other stakeholders, and can be a good conversation piece for your sales rep.

One aspect of both of these that is very powerful and often overlooked is the signup form. This form can help you get valuable information to your salesteam about the customer’s company and the problems they are looking to solve. It’s a good idea to have your head of sales vet the form, and make sure their customer screening questions are included if possible.

While both webinars and reports are effective, they work best when they are part of an integrated marketing campaign, and you have thought carefully about your target customers, your channel, your audience, and your overall signup funnel.

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