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Russell Miller CEO

Our Background

Zavient's founder, Russell Miller, has over 15 years experience in marketing and product in SaaS and high tech. He has run marketing for Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller division ($100 million revenue), as well as venture backed startups including YourMechanic (backed by Andreesen Horowitz and SoftBank). Prior to that, he was a SaaS product director for RepairPal (backed by CarMax), and Online Resources (Banking IT Services / SaaS, acquired by ACTI Worldwide). He also has programming experience and has built web applications. Russell earned his mathematics degree from MIT, and his MBA from Texas A&M.

Zavient Team

For SaaS companies, the Zavient team has managed million-dollar SEM budgets, built SEO content strategies (parametric content and written content) to create hundreds of pages, and managed Facebook and Linkedin ads, as well as managed backoffice teams involved in lead scoring. Our team is composed of global experts in SEM, Copywriting, Data Science, SEO and other specialties.


  • Well ahead of the curve in keeping up with new technologies to optimize marketing and sales channels
    Monica Ohara, Head of Acquisition, Growth at Lyft.
  • Brought a start-up, innovative mentality to our organization, and was able to help us grow the TI-University Program beyond the current install base
    Larissa Swanland, Marketing and Academic Manager at Digilent Inc.
  • Russell’s played an incredible role in helping us hit all of our KPI’s and helped RepairPal increase shop leads 2x in new channels.
    Chan Patel, CEO at

Our Specialties

Product Ads
Landing Page Analysis + Experiments

How we help you win

Our Agency knows how to deliver MQLs that convert to high ROI sales.

Our Process

  • Learn

    We work to understand your SaaS offering and your audience. Why do your customers buy your product, what's important to them? What is your service's special benefit that makes it stand out from the competition?

  • Messaging

    We test different value propositions using A/B testing to discover what makes your customers convert.

  • Optimize

    We look at all your campaigns, bids and budgets. What's worked, and what hasn't. Where can we increase bids and budgets to get you more traffic? Which campaigns work best, that we should help you build out. Where can we find new keywords that map to more customer demand?

Case Studies


RepairPal is a Marketing Automation SaaS for auto repair shops.

At the time, RepairPal had a basic SEM strategy utilizing one generic ad and a handful of keywords that would be applied generically to all 600 of its campaigns (one for each shop).

Zavient saw this as an opportunity

to build out a long-tail keyword approach, creating a list of every repair and every make, and then combining them, to have RepairPal show up for many more searches.

Zavient also got to work on messaging, doing research on what attributes people valued in auto repair, and creating a variety of ads that spoke to different attributes, that could then be tested at scale across Google.

The result was a massive increase in the impression volume that RepairPal showed up for, with a 10x increase in paid traffic at the same CPA. Over Zavient’s term with the company, they grew from 3 to 6m+ monthly visitors

  • Grew from 3 to 6m+
    monthly visitors
  • 10x increase in paid traffic
  • 300% increase in conversion rate

Gamma Controllers

High-End Videogames Controllers

Gamma is a maker of high-end videogames controllers that uses SEM and Google Shopping Ads. When Zavient started, the account structure we inherited had many different campaigns and keywords, without much optimization. Some keywords had a ROAS (return on ad spend) significantly below 1. Meaning for every dollar spent on ads, less than one dollar in revenue was created. At the same time, only a handful of ads and keywords were being used.

Zavient conducted a complete review. We paused poorly performing keywords, optimizing bids on all keywords, tested new creative that spoke to different buyer motivations, and added in new long tail keywords to capture consumers who were ready to buy.

At the same time, the previous agency had also not implemented new features Google created to boost sales. Zavient implemented sitelinks to promote accessory sales, and coupons on shopping ads to incent shoppers. Zavient also implemented bidding on a variety of retargeting and CRM audiences.

The result was Controller’s revenue increased over 130% versus the previous year, while their ROI improved by nearly 50%.

  • 130% increase in paid revenue YoY
  • 50% increase in ROI
  • 50% higher search volume
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